Future Plans

International Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Training and Research Centre


Behavioural problems in Sri Lanka is continue to grow. Number of suicide, alcoholism and drugs, violence against women and child abuse, sexual abuse, religion extremism, teenage pregnancy, children/ youth and women trafficking are highly increasing. Research reports that more than 1000 illegal abortions are taking place within a day in Colombo city limits.

Being a developing country, this situation cannot be tolerated economically.

Along with the analysis of Sri Lankan education system we could identify the root course and its relationship between the above problems. Overall education system is focused to academic development and not supported to the development of skills. Specially life skills. Example, majority of the teachers thinks that rather than developing life skills they consider to develop children’s academic score card. Even educated parents tends to focus on this rather than child’s mental, physical, social and spiritual developments.

So our plan is to build International Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Training and Research Centre.

  • 100% free Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Development training program
  • Implement successful Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills promotional campaign.
  • Opportunity to share experiences of Sri Lankan and International soft skills trainers.
  • Volunteer opportunity for Sri Lankan Volunteers and International Volunteers.
  • Facilitate Research opportunities to develop innovative soft skill techniques for researchers, trainers, sociologists and psychologists.

Our dream is to build this centre as Eco Friendly training centre and accessible for any Sri Lankans.

We cannot achieve this dream all alone. But if we get together and work towards we can do this with little afford. If you think that this is workable please do contact us today.

For more information:

Contact person: Mrs. Nirmala Krishanth

Contact Number: 0763221161