Our Vision                              

A healthy society, Where everyone is at their true potentiality.

Our Mission

Enhance Health and true potentiality through community and personal development

 Our objectives

  • Promoting Emotional intelligence and life skills for sustainable community and personal development.
  • Promoting ethical business through sustainable community and personal development approach as a right livelihood.
  • Promoting contemporary arts for sustainable community and personal development.
  • Establish environmental friendly Training center for sustainable community and personal development.
  • Motivate and conduct Research on community and personal development .
  • Design and Implement campaigns for behavioral change on community and personal development.
  • Organize community and personal development related events at the national and international levels.
  • Establish networking for knowledge sharing at the national and international levels for personal and community development.
  • Consultation, counseling and guidance for governments, volunteer organizations, corporate sector organizations at national and international levels as well as individuals.
  • Motivation, Capacity building and guidance to rebuild for the affected communities by natural and manmade disasters.
  • Re-introduce values of various cultural traditions of the world relating to personal and community development.
  • Promote volunteerism to build capacity and monitoring of personal and community development activities.


Our values

Respect for all cultures and traditions

Respect for all Religions and ethnic groups

Respect for right livelihood.

Respect for gender equality.