Training and consultancy

Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Training Team has 12 years’ experience in working on Training and Consultancy field. This team has specialized in soft skills development specially focusing on Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills development. In past 12 years Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Training Team has provided services through training and consultancy to the corporate sectors, SME’s, INGO’s, Ngo’s and public sectors. EI Life Skills Training Team always develops creative, innovative and customized training programs and provides consultations to achieve the client’s objectives in given time period.

Following soft skills programs are specialized by EI Life Skills Training Team.

  • EI Life skills workshop for Children and Youth

Children and Youth are the most vulnerable group in any society as well as the future hope. It is our utmost responsibility to protect them. What they need is not criticism or punishments but guidance and role models to develop. We specially consider the development of children and youth in our initiatives.

  • EI life skills workshop for Professionals

According to the studies conducted globally it is clearly understood that 80% of professional success is based on emotional intelligence and life skills. Our Emotional intelligence and life skills workshops clearly help you to succeed in your professional career.

  • EI Life Skills workshop for Community Leaders workshop

The more people become leaders, the more problems we will solve.
We need community leaders to think about and organize around many issues: youth development, economic growth, substance abuse, crime, and the environment, health care the list goes on and on. Each issue will require a troop of skilled leaders to handle them. We need leaders who are women, young people (we were all young once), people of color, low -income people, immigrants, people with disabilities and many others that have been told that they should follow others, not lead. We need leadership from all walks of life in order for ours to be a truly democratic society.

  • EI Life Skills workshop for Entrepreneurs

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) sector plays a pivotal role in the overall industrial economy of the country. It is a major requirement to support those individuals to enhance the quality of their service.
Most of the time, the main reasons for micro and small level businesses to fail is not only the managerial, financial or marketing problems. It also related to emotional management and life skills.

EI Life skills training team have lot of experience working with this group island wide. And have developed understanding of their real emotional problems.

EI life skills team conducts a series of one day Emotional Intelligence and life skills training program for Entrepreneurs.

  • Disaster and violence affected community

Violence, man-made and natural disasters are becoming a common occurrence around the globe. People are getting affected by them more often than the past in their everyday life.

EI Life Skills Training team is having many years of experience in helping a diverse range of victimized individuals, groups and communities. Mainly tsunami and war affected and also violence victimized communities.

  • EI Life Skills workshop for teams

If you represent membership of a team or you lead a team like music, dancing or sport.

if you want to achieve higher results. We can grantee that EI life skills workshop will be very help full to improve your team’s performance.

  • EI Life Skills workshop for Rehabilitate, Reintegration and Reconciliation

EI Life skills training team conduct Emotional Intelligence and Life skills workshop for misguided men/women and children by varies parties.
• Ex combatant
• Prisoners
• Sex workers
• Tobacco alcohol and other Drugs uses

  • EI Life Skills workshop for People living with disabilities and Illness

If you are living with disabilities and illness don’t give-up. It is a stressful situation to live with a disability or illness. Sometimes you might feel to give up. But if you have even a small hope, it will help you to cure. Our three days’ workshop will help you to create hope. If you have disabilities or illness like Minor depression, phobias, somatoform disorders, sexual disorders, cancer, high blood presser, diabetes or HIV.